Wind turbines with boron will produce more electricity

Wind turbines with boron will produce more electricity

Turkey has found a way to generate more electricity for a longer period from wind turbines with the help of boron, a chemical element which has the largest global proven deposits in Turkey.

“Boron prolongs the life of wind turbines and enables a more energy-efficient usage of the mills by producing more electricity,” Nuran Ay, professor in the Material Science and Engineering department at Anadolu University in Turkey said.

Speaking to The Anadolu Agency, Ay said, “Oil is used in turbines to grease the machines and the oil heats while the windturbine is generating electricity, but when hexagonal boron nitride, a chemical compound   produced from boron is added into the oil, it regulates and extends the heating to a lower temperature.”

Usually the oil heats to 137 centigrade in 180 minutes but with the boron it heats up to 101 centigrade and stays at this temperature, she said and added, “As hexagonal boron nitride postpones the heating up of the oil, it allows for longer use of the wind turbines thus generating more electricity.”

“When the oil heats up, it deteriorates resulting in the halting of electricity generation of the wind turbines in order to cool the oil in a separate location to an acceptable temperature. This halting of the wind turbines and cooling of the oil lead to more energy being spent on the cooling process while no electricity is generated for a period of time. When the hexagonal boron nitride is used, this problem is overcome as it reduces the oil heat by 54 percent,” Ay added.

“Five to seven percent of energy is lost through friction in machines. For Turkey where energy is imported, it is important to recover even one percent of that loss as it means spending less money on energy imports,” Ay said.

She added that with the boron product, it is possible to reduce friction by 60 percent.

Ay said the patent of the boron product was approved in Turkey in 2007 and the company has applied for patents in Europe, the U.S., Japan, South Korea and Brazil.

By Nuran Erkul and Zeynep Beyza Karabay

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