Turkish Design Company Wins 2nd Prize With “Solar Taxi”

Turkish Design Company Wins 2nd Prize With “Solar Taxi”

solar taxi

Designnobis, an Ankara based Turkish design company, won the 2nd Award in  Alternative Fuel Vehicles category during the prestigious International Design Awards 2014 in Los Angeles: SOLAR TAXI. Using clean energy, Solar Taxi has been designed to provide a high-performance service in the slow-cities. An electric vehicle that uses sun power as well, it is a lightweight, low cost and safe eco-car that fits into modern urban environments. Carrying up to 5 passengers thanks to its flexible interior with collapsible seating, it is also a wheel-chair friendly car having a double door with a ramp to enhance accessibility. Beside providing clean energy, solar panel turns to a transparent hood that enables a bright interior with panoramic view. Design has a sturdy construction surrounded by a transparent outer shell. Designed in accordance with international vehicle norms defined as under 250 kilograms and 40 km/h speed, Solar Taxi is intended to be used in city centers and touristic environments.

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