Polat’s Energy Gaining International Attention

Polat’s Energy Gaining International Attention

Polat Energy who owns almost 23 % of Turkey’s wind energy capacity,  is planing further growth in 2014 with new international partners. The company is operating in 8 different sites around  Balıkesir, Manisa, İzmir and Çanakkale regions. Their 150 MW project in Kırşehir will be Turkey’s largest wind plant at one single point.  Polat Group has financed almost 900 million USD in wind business upto now and are planning to expand to 1.000 MW installed capacity in 5 years- which means 1,5 Billion USD worth of  investment.

Recently, it has been reported that Adnan Polat (CEO of Polat Group) has started negotiations with a group of  American investors who are investing in wind businesses around the world. Polat is talking to 3 different foreign groups from Asia, Europe and America who showed interest in becoming partner, although the Turkish energy company has not decided on whether or not going into any further foreign investment.

Polat Energy had already partnered with EDF-EN of France, a  50/ 50 % split.  Any future partnership will have be involved in the current structure. EDF-EN is one of the major renewable companies with a revenue of 1,5 million Euros and 4.680 MW of installed capacity in wind.


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