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World Bank Provides Funds For Turkish Renewable Energy Integration Project

The objective of the project is “to assist Turkey in meeting its increased power demand by strengthening the transmission system and facilitating large-scale renewable energy generation”.  Additionally, the project seeks


Ministery of Agriculture Releases Grants for Renewables

Ministery of  Agriculture released a grant programme to incent the use of renewable energy in Rural Development projects. The grants will be covering whole of  Turkey and the upper limit


Translation of the Regulation Regarding Unlicensed Electricity Generation

Dear alternatifenerji.com followers, Last week we had thanked  Solarplaza for having translated the Communique Regarding Unlicensed Electricity Generation (dated 2 October 2013, Official Gazzette). We are now thanking them once again for


İlbank Supports Municipalities That Go Renewable

İlbank, which is a body of the Ministry of Environment, will pioneer supporting the municipalities in their renewable energy projects. With direct orders from the Minister Bayraktar, İlbank assess 74


Is Bank Backs 68.6 MW of Enda Enerji Wind Projects in Izmir

Turkey’s Isbank [BIST:ISATR] said on Thursday it has agreed to provide $96 million (71 million Euro) in financing to local firm Enda Enerji Holding for 5 wind farms with total